Small…is the best kind

In many cases small is the best kind. At small universities students can have a better relationship with their professors. In small towns everyone knows everyone and you hardly ever get lost (unless you have little sense of direction like me). In small companies operations are done in a different way and it is easy to see that you are making a difference. Gaspereau Press in Kentville, Nova Scotia is a small publishing  and printing company that operates in a different way than many others. The books that are produced by Gaspereau Press  are unique, plus each and everyone can be considered a piece of artwork. Gaspereau Press takes a hands on approach in the production of books. In order to produce the books, old fashion and new printing technology is used. The books can be considered artists books because of the time and originality that are put into them. A description for an artists’ book is a book that is also a piece of artwork. This press company is able to work beauty and practicality into their design of each book.

If you are interested in learning more about the small company I suggest you visit their website or this link Gaspereau Press, Kentville NS for another blog post about the press, which tells of an experience of visiting the press just last year.


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